Grainger Ranch Recruiting LLC
Phone: 832-215-4899 

We specialize in placing the most qualified individuals and teams on your property. As customer service is our main concern, we will get to know each and every recruit to the best of our capabilities before we will present them to a landowner. Secondly, we want to get to know our clients personalities, goals and needs to secure the perfect match.

Before we begin our search, we want to have every pertinent detail on file. A few details we will want to go over are listed below.

Important Information

  • Location
  • Acreage
  • Length of ownership or Leasing term
  • Type of land use and operation (Wildlife, Livestock, Recreational ect…)
  • Type of Fencing

  • Previous employee details or first time position filling
  • Wants and needs of new hires
  • Job description
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Qualifications required
We strive to ensure that your property is being managed by the most qualified men and women in the field. At Grainger Ranch Recruiting, we do a series of criminal and general background checks on  our recruits. We will interview all references to get to know the recruits from the other end of the spectrum. If requested, You will receive all paperwork and interview notes so that no information is withheld. We want you to know the recruits before you meet them. After our final interview, you will be responsible for interviewing the candidates at your convenience to make the final decision.
Even though Texas is home, Rob Grainger has extensive knowlegde of the midwest and it's natural resources. Rob Currently manages wildlife in southern Missouri and South Texas.